The Main Street


Did you ever notice how every town has a Main Street? Well, Napa, California is no exception. It is actually one of the cutest streets I’ve seen. The shops and restaurants are old fashion looking, which is what I love most about them. Each building is unique and opulent, forcing you to wonder what’s inside them all. As if Main Street isn’t charming enough, the most amazing part of downtown Napa is the view of the city. It looks like a Bob Ross painting. The Fall is the best possible time to visit Napa because of the foliage. There are mountains towering in the background and vibrant spurts of colors everywhere from the changing leaves on the trees. The river cuts through the town and is easily admirable from the bridges on First and Third streets. Standing on the bridge on First Street is a very peaceful moment that you have to take in and appreciate for a few minutes. You see the antique Napa Valley railroad to your left against the mountains, the royal blue river flowing through the city in the middle, and the colorful shops to the right. Napa Valley is the definition of picture perfect; I never want to leave.

Sunnies: Dita Dress: Honey Punch Shoes: Anine Bing