Christina Winkle is a fashion influencer & model who is grabbing attention worldwide. Whether she’s modeling her latest look for Lavish’d, appearing as a brand ambassador or curating ensembles as a stylist, her spirited personality creates a brighter atmosphere. Her devotion for style began as a hobby and quickly turned into a blog to show family and friends outfit inspiration and trends. She now works alongside well-known designers to blend impeccable taste with her bold and en vogue lifestyle.

Life. Worth. Living. is all about capturing the special and unique features that make any moment stand out just a little more.  Christina has shaped her upbeat point of view through the inspiration of freedom and happiness, a beautiful passion created by the desire to appreciate memorable parts in her life to the fullest. Whether she’s planning her next look, destination or get together, her lifestyle is composed with thoughtfulness and love.

Christina currently resides in Los Angeles.

Follow her on Instagram @Lavishd